A Gorilla Wants to be King Kong
DV-Video, 1:37min, 2007
A gorilla is bored of his normal life and for once would like to be King Kong and experience the drama and the immediate sense of danger. Inspired by the ‘Making Of’ of the Hollywood film he imitates the pivotal scene on the Empire State Building, making his own blue screen and using sounds from a special effects CD. The borderline between reality and fiction is blurred as the generic story inexorably heads towards its compulsory finish…

Der Gorilla, der King Kong sein wollte
DV-Video, 1:37min, 2007
Ein gelangweilter Gorilla schaut das “Making of King Kong” und möchte selber King Kong sein. Mit blauer Farbe malt er sich seinen eigenen Blue Screen und spielt davor die zentrale Szene des Filmes nach. Den Ton liefern Sound FX Cds.
Aber das Ende ist vorgegeben in einem so bekannten Filmplot...